________________________ Extended Curriculum



The Extended Curriculum encompasses all activities that take place outside the normal school day.
The provision of these  ‘Extended  Curriculum’ opportunities is developed as a direct result of the school’s ethos:
  • to present children with challenges that will equip them to become more resilient and realise their full potential
  •  to help children realise their own self-worth
  • to develop self-esteem and independence
  •  to develop skills in particular areas
  •  to develop pupils’ interest in leisure time activities out of school
  •  to develop both fine and gross motor skills and co-ordination and balance
  • to develop social, communication and behaviour skills
  • to improve fitness levels and develop awareness of having a healthy lifestyle


As a fully inclusive school, we aim to encourage and include as many of our pupils as possible to take part in extended school activities.
We have reviewed our extra-curricular activities to give our pupils as many opportunities as possible to be part of a team, group or club where they can develop personally, socially and learn new skills as well as the possibility to develop further their understanding of healthy living habits.
Riverside Bridge School is committed to promoting the health and well-being of all pupils and staff through physical activity. The aspiration in developing this is to influence the whole school community to establish and maintain lifelong physical activity habits.
Riverside Bridge School strives to maximise opportunities for children, young people and all associated with the school to be physically active by promoting all avenues for activity. This includes the extended curriculum, the environment and the wider community.
Each half term the Healthy Living Team will be offering different sports and food & nutritional based activities after school. These clubs will run from 3:30pm till 4:15pm.


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