_________________________ Equality Objectives



The governing body and school is committed to a policy of equality and aims to ensure that no employee, job applicant, student or other member of the school community is treated less favourably on grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation, disability, religious belief or social class.
Any behaviour, comments or attitudes that undermine or threaten an individual’s self esteem on these grounds will not be tolerated. We aim to provide equal access to high quality educational opportunities and to ensure that everyone feels that they are a valued member of the school community. We seek to provide a safe and happy environment where all can flourish and where diversity is celebrated.
At Riverside Bridge School, we aim to empower our pupils to make informed choices so that they are better prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. All members of the Riverside Bridge School community are responsible for promoting the school’s equal opportunities policy and are obliged to respect and act in accordance with the policy.




Objective 1 : To appoint a parent representative to the campus governing body to ensure that Riverside Bridge School is equally represented during campus full governing body meetings by openly recruiting at events such as coffee mornings, parents evenings and parent workshops.
Objective 2 : To promote the involvement of all pupils in accessing off site visits within the local community by ensuring that additional staff are available to support higher needs children in accessing some venues.
Objective 3 : To reduce the number of incidents where the use of racist language is used in school by pupils by raising the awareness of the pupils understanding of ‘what is racism’.
Objective 4 : To raise the means of communication around the school for all pupils to be able to communicate amongst themselves more easily, by improving communication systems around the school and staff being trained in Makaton to facilitate pupil conversations where a non-verbal pupil may be involved.


Equality Objectives – September 2023

Equality Objectives – September 2022