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At Riverside Bridge School, in line with the Government’s careers strategy, we aim to make sure that all pupils, from the age of 4 to 16 access a bespoke education through our development of a Careers Curriculum.
We believe high quality careers advice and practical support in terms of access (e.g. pupils are supported with arranging and attending college interviews and visits), is absolutely essential if pupils are going to achieve their potential in their future life.


Outline of our 2022-23 Work-Related Learning Programme:

Curriculum Pathways and
Termly Themes
Autumn Term
Marvellous Me
Once Upon A Time
Spring Term
Claws & Paws
Our Wonderful World
Summer Term
A Bug's Life
Life At Sea
SeedsWork around Self-Awareness
Work around Narrating,
Listening and Illustrating
Work around Animal Care
Jobs in the Community
Work around Sustainable Gardening
Work around Marine Life


Curriculum Pathways
Termly Themes
Autumn Term
Culture & Beliefs
Spring Term
Summer Term
RootsJobs around Event PlanningRepresentation of Jobs
in Books
Work related to Modes of
BranchJobs in Leisure &
Jobs in PublishingJobs in the Wider Field of
LeafCareers in ReligionCareers within Television/
News Programs
Careers in the Travel


Curriculum Pathways and
Termly Themes
Autumn Term
Personal Development
Preparation for Adulthood
Spring Term
Spiritual, Moral, Social and
Cultural Awareness
Summer Term
Community Participation
Independent Living Skills
Year 10Interpersonal SkillsCitizenshipTravelling in the Community and
Using Health Services
Year 11Preparation for CollegeWork ExperiencePreparation for Life Beyond
Riverside Bridge School


Work Experience

Pupils in Year 10 & 11 l have the opportunity to engage in work experience.
This opportunity to go and work in the wider community is invaluable and allows our pupils:
•  to apply the transferable skills learned in the classroom in a real-life context.
•  to further improve their skills by making learning more relevant and practical
•  to develop their personal and social skills
•  to develop an understanding of work and its related responsibilities
•  to broaden their awareness of the world of work
•  to be introduced the knowledge and skills of particular occupational area/s
•  to begin to make the transition from school
 Here are our  Year 11 pupils working in the Cooking & Nutrition department at Riverside Bridge School, at Wellgate Farm and Morrisons.


Impact of our Careers Programme

Careers activity needs to be relevant and inspirational for our pupils. We measure and assess the impact of our careers programme through:
We track our Year 11 school leavers each summer to confirm post-16 plans, and we aim to have as few ‘NEET’ (Not in Education, Employment or Training) destinations as possible.
A strong investment in our careers programme reflects our positive destination figures.



Year 11 Leavers’ Destination Data

Number of PupilsDestinations
2018-19 Leavers100% - 5 pupilsHorizons, Barking & Dagenham College
2019-2020 Leavers90% - 8 pupils
20% - 1 pupil
Horizons, Barking & Dagenham College
FEC, Trinity School, Dagenham
2020-2021 Leavers60% - 6 pupils
10% - 1 pupil
10% - 1 pupil
10% - 1 pupil
10% - 1 pupil
Horizons, Barking & Dagenham College
FEC, Trinity School, Dagenham
LLC, Trinity School, Dagenham
New City College, Newham
Corbets Tey School, Upminster
2021-2022 Leavers67% - 10 pupils
6.5% - 1 pupil
6.5% - 1 pupil
20% - 3 pupils
Horizons, Barking & Dagenham College
New City College, Havering
New City College, Redbridge
FEC, Trinity School, Dagenham


For more information, please contact our Careers Lead , Ms A. Waller by sending an enquiry using the contact form on our ‘Contact Us’ page or calling us on 0203 946 5888.


CEIAG Policy – September 2022

Provider Access Statement – September 2022