_______________________________ Nutrition


Riverside Bridge School is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and providing an environment that promotes healthy eating, enabling pupils to make informed choices about the food they eat.
We recognise that a whole-school approach to food is required to enable pupils and parents to make positive changes. Clear, reliable and positive messages need to be given to the whole-school community about healthy eating and good nutrition within school.
We want our pupils to learn about the principles of nutrition and healthy eating as well as instilling a love of cooking as learning how to cook is a life skill which will enable all our pupils to feed themselves and others well in later life.
Food and nutrition is taught at an appropriate level throughout each pathway. All pupils have access to a range of topics that provide an opportunity to learn about the types of food and drink available, their nutritional composition, digestion and the function of different nutrients in contributing to health and how their body responds to exercise.
All pupils have access to a minimum of one specialist Food Technology lesson and are encouraged to discover new foods through curriculum based tasting sessions and sensory cookery experiences. The opportunity to learn about where food comes from is taught through practical work with food, including access to the edible garden to grow food plants, preparation and cooking of savoury and sweet dishes and designing and making food products.


As part of the Food Technology curriculum, pupils learn how to make healthy choices in relation to food and drinks;  learn how to appreciate food from different countries and cultures; how to shop for the ingredients needed for their recipes and pay for them; and how to maintain good hygiene when it comes to cooking and eating. 
Healthy Living 
  • How to make healthy choices in relation to food/ drink 
  • How to tolerate an increasing range of foods 
Independence and Community Participation
  • How to prepare a simple snack 
  • How to make a drink for self and/ or others 
  • How to prepare to make a meal  
  • How to prepare food 
  • How to safely use kitchen appliances 
  • How to keep safe when cooking and eating 
  • How to participate in mealtime with others 
  • How to order a meal 


We also ensure all pupils participate in food events so they learn how to participate in group activities, engage positively in interaction with peers and receive peers’ feedback positively. 


Chinese New Year Fortune Cookies, January 2020
Pancake Day, February 2020


Food and Drink Policy – November 2020