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Barking & Dagenham Post, September 2020

“Riverside Bridge School in Barking had a Grand Opening of their Edible Garden
The garden was officially opened by Councillor Maureen Worby, who was pleased to be a part of something vital to the students of Riverside Bridge School.  
The opening was a success despite the rain; with speeches, poems, letters and gifts created by the students to show their gratitude to all involved.  
Companies Morgan Sindell and Morris Roe renovated the existing garden to make a space that was completely accessible for all students of the school.  
Generous donations have been received from Alstrom, Mix it, Keyline, DCTS plus donations from the local community helped by Councillor Evelyn Carpenter.  
Students have been eager to use the garden and have already been busy planting and learning in the garden as part of Healthy Living within their new curriculum. 
One student said “I like the garden because it is a safe place to learn”. 
Riverside Bridge School are extremely grateful for the time, energy and enthusiasm the companies have put into this project, with the pupils at the forefront of their minds.”


Update on March 2021

This term, pupils at Riverside Bridge School have been making the most of the weather and had fun exploring the edible garden.
During Food Technology lessons, pupils have been learning where our food comes from and have really enjoyed sowing seeds, watering them and caring for the seedlings; it’s great fun watching the seeds grow!
Some pupils were able to transplant their seedlings into the vegetable beds and others sowed straight into them.
Our garden monitors have been looking after the edible garden daily, watering the plants in the greenhouse and those in the vegetable beds. Pupils have learned the importance of food and water not just for us but for all living things.


Update on September 2021

After our summer holidays, Mrs Barros was surprised to see so many delicious foods ready to be harvested from our edible garden.
This year, our pupils will continue to learn where our food comes from whilst growing,  harvesting and cooking some tasty treats from our garden.