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____________________________ Skills in Action


As part of the Independence and Community Participation stems, pupils as soon as they are able learn to shop either in a school food stall or at the local supermarket. They learn how to look for items on their shopping list, queue at the tills and purchase their goods using their own money. As part of their Community Participation ASDAN Unit, our Key Stage 4 have to complete an ASDAN unit as part of their Community Participation module.



Our pupils are putting their cooking skills in action and achieving an AQA Unit.



Our pupils are learning first in the classroom how to safely walk in the streets and cross the road before this vital skill into practice in the community.



Some of our pupils also go to town by taking the bus and learn how to use a oyster card and bus timetable.
Even if they are a bit apprehensive before going, they always enjoy themselves so much that they are start planning their next trip out on the bus as soon as they are back in the classroom.



Our younger pupils start learning how to wash dishes while our older pupils learn how to do other house chores such as ironing.