About Riverside Bridge – June 2019

Our School Vision and Ethos

Vision Ethos Values and Aims

School Community

Riverside Bridge is an expanding Special School and the only of its kind in the borough, coming under the umbrella of ‘Riverside Campus’. We work closely with Riverside Primary and Riverside Secondary to provide the very best for our students.

As of September 2017 we have 15 classes ranging from 6 – 10 students. Each of these classes have the support of 3 adults who work closely with them daily to ensure they are given access to an inclusive and enriched curriculum that is both accessible and relevant to their needs.


We believe parental co-operation and support are key factors in our student’s school success, many of our students are unable to communicate so it is vital to receive parental input at the earliest opportunity. Class teachers, phase leaders and the senior leadership team are happy to be contacted about individual students; this can be done via the home/school communication book, a phone call or by sending an email via the school email: bridge@riverside.bardaglea.org.uk


We have a dynamic and inspirational team of teachers, academically well-qualified, hard-working and committed to ensuring that every learner achieves their very best.


Homework tasks are set and recorded in the student diary, so that parents are able to check what has been given and support their child’s work.

Monitoring of Student Progress

At the start of the year each student is base lined using the school’s chosen method of assessment, ‘Strands of Attainment’. The base-lined data is used to generate targets for Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. Targets are calculated and adjusted according to the individual child’s category of need (PMLD, MLD, SLD and ASD). Riverside Bridge use a combination of aspirational targets based on base line levels alongside CASPA (Comparison and Analysis of Special Pupil Attainment) which is used by schools across the UK for students with special needs.

Student’s progress is monitored on a termly basis through data collection; the data is closely analysed and evaluated through pupil progress meetings. The findings of this data is then used to inform future planning and address any interventions that may be required.

In the Spring term students have an annual review to discuss any progress made and any requirements needed to ensure they are supported in all areas both educationally and personally. Where appropriate, discussions and changes to Education and Healthcare Plans (EHCP) are made. Parents are invited to contribute to person centred learning objectives which highlight the needs of students in a wider setting such as toileting, communication and hygiene.

At the end of the school year in the summer term parents are provided with a full report highlighting all progress made with each student’s personalised targets.

Behaviour Management

Behaviour management is crucial to the successful day to day running of Riverside Bridge. Within each classroom, class teachers will set their own boundaries and expectations in order to ensure the standard of behaviour reflects the high standard of provision offered. Safety is paramount for all students and staff and thus behaviour is managed in the following ways:

Rewards: extra choose time, extra play time, star of the week, reward trips and prizes.

Consequences: these can include, missed social time, time out of class and where necessary missing reward trips.


In September 2016 we moved to the new site on Renwick Road, along with Portakabin, Anna Hope assisted with the design of the purpose built Riverside Bridge School. Here we have a range of facilities to support both the needs of our students alongside specialised classrooms. Each of which has a ‘chill out’ or group room attached for additional learning.

We are also fortunate enough to have our own sports facilities, dining hall, food technology, science lab, art, DT and our Home Management rooms.

Students where appropriate travel to and from these additional rooms which are located to access a wide and varied curriculum, the travel aspect encourages independence and an awareness of the surroundings outside of Bridge.


The school is equipped with the latest in technology, each classroom has a networked computer, interactive whiteboard and speakers.

Outside the classroom we have an interactive sensory room and an ICT suite for students to develop there ICT skills.


Our P.E. facilities are excellent, we have our own sports hall within the Riverside Campus, along with shared access to the many outdoor multi-use games areas.


In the summer of 2017 the borough appointed Aspens Catering services to provide lunches for the site. Students are encouraged to independently choose from a menu daily. Where applicable students may also bring a packed lunch.

Academy Sponsor

Riverside Bridge are proud to be sponsored by Partnership Learning. Please use the link at the top of this website to contact Partnership Learning.