At Riverside Bridge we believe that attendance is vital to ensure that our students are able to maintain their routines and have access to learning opportunities.

We work with families to aim for all pupils to have attendance above 97% where possible. We appreciate that the needs of our pupil can affect their attendance and we ensure we work closely with our families and outside agencies to support attendance.

The Barking and Dagenham Attendance Team works with our Attendance Officer Sara Pearson, Partnership Learning to advise on attendance management issues and to take referrals on pupils who attend irregularly.

Attendance Officers visit parents and pupils in their homes and undertake assessments of the causes of poor school attendance and then identify strategies and action plans to resolve difficulties and improve school attendance.

Please call the school on 0203 946 5888 before 8:30am

When reporting a child’s absence via phone call please include: –

Child’s name
Reason for absence

If you wish to speak to someone call between the hours of  7.30am – 4.00pm