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Parents’ Evenings

Twice a year, during parents‘ evenings, parents and carers are given the opportunity to meet their child’s teachers and to check they understand the progress their child is making, their strengths and areas for improvement. Before the 1st of July, parents and carers are sent an End of Year Report that teachers will refer on the evening of the parents’ meeting.
  • Wednesday 10th November 2021
  • Thursday 7th July 2022


Coffee Mornings

Once a month Riverside Bridge School hold a parent/carer coffee morning to enable parents/carers to talk about their child’s learning and well-being as well as hear about the work of outside agencies.
Coffee Mornings for parents and carers take place on Wednesdays from 9.30 am till 11.00 am and for the academic year 2019-20 these sessions are on :
  • 22nd September 2021
  • 20th October 2021
  • 17th November 2021
  • 8th December 2021
  • 19th January 2022
  • 23rd February 2022
  • 30th March 2022
  • 21st April 2022
  • 18th May 2022
  • 22nd June 2022
  • 13th July 2022


Parent Workshops

Parent workshops are run once every half-term  on Thursdays from 4.00pm till 5.00pm.
By running these workshops, Riverside Bridge School aims to help parents support their children at home; provide our parents and carers with more information about how the school helps their children; learn from parents and carers’ experiences; and facilitate links and support between parents and carers and Riverside Bridge School.
    • 6th October 2021
    • 24th November 2021
    • 9th February 2022
    • 16th March 2022
    • 4th May 2022
    • 8th June 2022


After each workshop, the school asks parents and carers to complete feedback forms as it  is very important for the school to receive parent feedback to make sure that the school is not only delivering the right workshops but also in an effective way.