Year 7History

Throughout year 7 students will study the history of Britain from 1066 through to 1900. The growth of democracy in Britain is explored throughout this period, especially Parliament’s changing relationship with the monarchy and parliamentary reform in the nineteenth century. The scheme of work has been created to challenge our pupils’ knowledge and understanding of this period whilst developing a wide range of skills that are essential to becoming successful in history. The units followed in year 7 include: the Norman Conquest, Monarchy in Medieval England, the Tudors, the English Civil War and the Industrial Revolution.

Year 8

Throughout year 8 students will study different aspects of world history. These units are based around the political and social environment in different countries, examining and analysing the causes and consequences of key events in these countries’ history. The scheme of work has been created to solidify, develop and add to our pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills. The topics covered in year 8 include American history, the Slave Trade, causes and consequences of World War One and dictatorships of the 20th Century

Key Stage 4

Please click on the link below to view the Key Stage 4 qualification specification that our students follow: