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Welcome to our Pupil Governors page.

To prepare our pupils for future life we encourage them to take on roles of responsibility within the school. One such role is that of Pupil Governor.
They are voted for by their classmates as the representative for their class and are the person who listens to all the ideas, worries and opinions of the class and brings them to whole school meetings, to share with the Pupil Governors.

This years councillors are:


Year 1  Carp – Yassen and Mia

Year 1 Trout – Deena and Levi

Year 2 Waterstrider – Taiwo and Kyros

Year 2 Dragonfly – Hayley and Oliver

Year 3 – Micaela and Amari

Year 4 – Olamide and Zara

Year 5 – Tvisha, Zach, Louie, Youssef , Subah and Rayna

Year 6 – Georgia, Jareign and Henry


Pupil Governor Meeting Minutes