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The curriculum at Riverside Primary School builds upon the statutory requirements of the national curriculum and aims to provide an education rich in wonder and memorable experiences. Our curriculum is designed to raise aspirations and develop a love for learning which develops our pupil’s natural creativity and curiosity to flourish. Through a safe, nurturing and supportive environment, we are able to facilitate a purposeful acquisition of skills and knowledge at a deeper level in core and foundation subjects. As pupils transition into the next phase of their education, they are supplied with the tools to succeed in an ever-changing world.

At Riverside Primary School, we have the highest expectations of our pupils and enable each one to strive towards personal and academic excellence. We proudly celebrate the diversity and values that our pupils bring to our local and wider community. Our belief is that when all members of our school community work together we can deliver educational excellence for all our pupils.

Our pupils benefit from having access to dedicated professionals with specific areas of expertise who work in partnership with the teaching staff. This well-established approach leads to strong pupil outcomes and sustained high attainment across all learning.



The broad and balanced curriculum at Riverside enables pupils to meet national expectations, as well as providing them with invaluable enriched skills and opportunities. Pupil voice plays a key role in shaping the curriculum, ensuring that it is personalised and meaningful for all learners. Subject leaders support class teachers to ensure lessons are engaging, stimulating and enriched with aspirational activities that challenge all pupils’ thinking. Through our quality first teaching strategies, all pupils are provided with the skills to achieve their full potential.



The values and ethos at Riverside are interwoven throughout the curriculum and are evident through pupils’ achievements. Our curriculum is regularly reviewed and refined in order to ensure pupils achieve the best possible outcomes in all aspects of life. Pupils are empowered to be confident, positive and strong communicators within the school and wider community.