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Riverside Primary School are very pleased to be offering a Breakfast Club every morning.

Early Morning Breakfast Club:

Breakfast Club begins at 7.30am every morning and the last parent drop off time is 8.15am. Breakfast is free however, there is a £2 daily charge per child to cover the cost of childcare for your child.

We offer a nutritional breakfast consisting of Wholemeal Bagels, Cornflakes and Rice Krispies along with Milk or Water. Children are provided with the opportunity to play board games, read or socialise with their friends during their time at Breakfast Club.

Grab and Go:

Bagels are on offer to any child that would like one and are served from 8.45-9.00am every morning and are free of charge. Children grab a bagel on their way into school from the member of staff in the playground and are allowed to eat the bagel in class.