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We respect each other and our environment. We speak to and interact with each other in a courteous manner, valuing other people’s ideas and advice.
We show resilience by not giving up even when things are difficult, embracing challenge.
We show empathy by treating others with care and compassion. Trying to understand other people’s views or feelings and being supportive and caring towards them.
We show self-belief by believing in ourselves and our ability to do things successfully.
We show self-belief by believing in ourselves and our ability to do things successfully.
We show perseverance through a ‘growth mindset’ despite difficulties, failures or obstacles; seeing challenges as an opportunity to grow knowledge, skills and positive attitudes.
We always give our best effort in everything we do, striving for excellence and achievement of our personal goals.
We are courageous by trying new things, overcoming our fear to undertake challenges and being morally brave: generous, fair, forgiving and compassionate.
We show tolerance by accepting ourselves and others even when we make mistakes, understanding that we are all unique and having something to offer and share.

The children at Riverside had a visit from the Metropolitan Police and were exploring the importance of Road safety, when riding a bike near a truck driver. Heron class, looked at the most effective ways to travel by the truck to keep safe. #blindspots #eyecontact #RoadSafety pic.twitter.com/g9903r58dw

Last year from Riverside Primary's Twitter via Twitter for iPad

Our School

Riverside Primary is a small mixed community school which is based in Barking within the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. We are fortunate to be housed in a fabulous modern building which boasts large class rooms that provide a clean and spacious environment for our children to learn in. We pride ourselves on providing a caring and friendly atmosphere associated with smaller schools. Your child’s time at Riverside Primary School is very precious and we are pleased that we are able to share this with you. We provide a curriculum that acknowledges the importance of the basic skills, but endeavours to teach those skills in an exciting way, as well as finding time to focus on more creative and artistic skills and making sure that we enjoy what we learn, using our local and wider environments and opportunities to support this.

School Day

Drop off time: Gates open at 8.35am and close at 8.45am. Should your child arrive late for school they will need to be escorted to the main Reception. Collection time: Gates open at 3.15pm and close at 3.25pm. Should you arrive late when collecting your child you will need to go to the main Reception entrance.

Free School Meals

All LBBD Primary school aged children are now entitled to Universal Free School lunches funded by the government. However, if you are in receipt of benefits or your circumstances have changed, please click on the link below to apply for FSM if  as you may be entitled to further help such as holiday food vouchers from the government: FSM Application

Wraparound Care

Breakfast Club opens at 7.30am and last admission is 8.15am. This does not need to be booked in advance however, payment should be made via Parent Pay.

The school also currently has an Afterschool Club facilitated by Premier Sports. Please click HERE for more information or if you would like your child to access their Afterschool club.

Alternatively, if you would like the use of a registered childminder please click here to access the LBBD family information page online where you can search for registered childcare facilities in the local community.

Online Resources

To access our online resources at home please click the links below.

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  • A very inspiring day, would love to have it repeated.
    Parent Quote
  • Watching the kids all having fun dancing was lovely.
    Parent Quote
  • We really enjoyed watching and taking part. The day went well and the children loved it.
    Parent Quote
  • The children really enjoyed the Sport Relief day and can't wait for next year's!
    Parent Quote
  • I enjoy the monthly coffee mornings, I enjoy socialising with other parents and getting to know them.
    New Parent - Oct 2017
  • I loved the McMillan coffee morning, would be nice to have them more often
    Kristiana's mum - Oct 2017
  • We had a great time learning about the new Social Inclusion Officer role
    Usiholo's Mum - Sep 2017
  • I love the friendly atmosphere and the level of teaching and learning.
    Henry's mum

Virtual Worry Box

The pupils wellbeing at Riverside is at the forefront of everything we do. If your child is worried about anything, please ask them to fill in the contact form below and the Wellbeing Team will get back to them.

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