At Riverside School we feel it is important to set about making excellent progress in your child’s learning by reinforcing crucial information beyond the classroom. Research indicates that the most effective homework for younger students is carefully organised and monitored. To help structure this important aspect of their learning they are issued with a Knowledge Organiser and a pink exercise book. The purpose of this is to set well-structured and challenging homework that strengthens their understanding of key information, concepts and subject specific terminology. They are assessed by weekly set homework as well as a variety of in-class quizzes and tasks.

There are weekly high frequency spellings that your son/daughter will be set in form time and they should learn these at home using the look, cover, write, check process.

As well as this there is a reading log which allows you to record the reading your child is completing at home –the most consistent and voracious readers during the course of the year will be rewarded.

Handwriting tasks are also organised at the back. Learning cursive handwriting is important for spelling skills, enabling children to recognise words when they read them later. Typing doesn’t have the same effect on the brain, as it doesn’t require the same fine motor skills and simultaneous activity. Versions of the organiser can be found below.

The process:

Knowledge Organiser Process