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At Riverside Bridge School, we are committed to providing continuity of education to all our children in the event of absence, a class closure or whole school closure; and we are grateful to all our families who have helped our children to make this transition already in these unprecedented circumstances.


Class Isolation or School Closure
In the event of whole class isolation or the school closure in term time, we will provide structured, Remote Learning opportunities for all our pupils to ensure the continued delivery of our Growth Curriculum and a consistent approach to pupils learning during term time.
We aim to be flexible in our approach and understand the wide range of circumstances that families continue to encounter. We will not set deadlines but strongly recommend to our families that daily opportunities are built into each day to allow pupils to access the tasks set. The learning opportunities provided during any period of closure will be part of our current planning and cannot be considered by parents as optional.
Remote Learning activities will be tailored, changed and updated as time progresses depending on the pupils’ isolation period, and will always be in line with our Growth Curriculum Areas of Development:
  • Communication and Interaction
  • Engagement and Learning
  • Healthy Living: PE and Food Technology
  • Personal Development
  • Independence and Community Participation
  • Creative and Sensory
For the purpose of providing Remote Learning, the school may make use of a range of learning materials: work booklets and/or worksheets, e-mails, online learning platforms like Google Classroom, face-to face lessons via Microsoft Office 365 Teams app, pre-recorded video or audio lessons and/or educational websites.


Google Classroom
Google Classroom is a Google App that aims to simplify creating, distributing and assessing learning in a paperless way. Teachers can use Google Classroom to send announcements to entire classes, share resources, lesson notes, PowerPoint presentations to support Remote Learning.
 It is a free resource that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet – laptops, desktop computers, chrome books, tablets or mobile phones. Pupils with their parents/carers can use this platform to access and complete work at home.
Google Classrooms Presentation for Parents -September 2020


Face-to-face lessons via Microsoft Office 365 Teams App 
  •  To join an online class , parents/carers will need a computer, tablet or smartphone and need to set up a space free of distractions and background noises.
  • To open Microsoft Teams, parents/carers can download the app by visiting Microsoft Teams.
  • To sign into a lesson, your child’s class teacher will have invited the pupils with their parents/carers via a join code or a direct link – please check the e-mail parents/carers have given the school.


Safety Features
Although many safety features have been enabled by our administrators, it is still the responsibility of parents to monitor what children are accessing online at home. We will continue to teach children the importance of being responsible digital citizens and accessing age appropriate material and we appreciate parents supporting this at home with their children.
Google Classrooms and the Microsoft Teams App are to be used for school related content only. Any misuse will be reported and investigated by our Safeguarding Team. Misuse could result in removal from use of the site.
All pupils learning from home will have access to their own class online learning portfolio through Google Classroom. We ask that the children upload pictures of their completed work to their portfolio only for marking and feedback from their class teacher.
Your child can use Google Classroom to record questions and send messages to their teacher. We can respond immediately to your child and provide support, extension or enrichment as appropriate.
Your child’s learning portfolio can only be seen by your child’s class teacher . Our teachers will support your child by marking their work, providing regular feedback and responding to the emerging needs of children through modelled videos and tasks set regularly.
We recognise that many families do not have home printers and we will therefore not require the printing of material.


Your child will need access to a tablet or computer to be able to fully engage in Remote Learning.
If you child does not have access to a device, please liaise with the school.


Remote Learning due to Household Isolation
If your child is self-isolating due to close contact with a case of COVID-19 outside school or is isolating due to household isolation, we will use the Google Classroom Learning Platform to upload work for your child to complete at home. Due to class teachers’ responsibilities in school, please note that teachers will be unable to be as responsive when teaching in school but they will provide regularly work, mark all work submitted and provide feedback to support your child.


Our partnership over the coming terms remains central to our children’s achievement this year and each piece of work submitted by our children, when not in school, will form part of our ongoing assessment of our pupils’ progress.
If you are unable to support your child during a period of class/household isolation or school closure or you are encountering any technical issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help. This partnership is vital to prevent gaps in our children’s learning and we are grateful for the support that we have already received from families.


Remote Learning Policy – September 2022