_______________The Jack Petchey Achievement Award


Sir Jack Petchey CBE is a wealthy philanthropist who, having received little benefit or encouragement in his formal education in East London, went on to become a self-made millionaire. His foundation is a grant-making trust based in Ilford, Essex, and has developed into one of the largest and most influential charitable foundations in London, channelling significant sums into schools, youth clubs and other organisations. It currently operates in 1600 secondary schools and youth clubs. Since 2000, over £124 million has been invested in programmes to benefit young people aged 11-25 across London and Essex

The Achievement Award Scheme enables schools to recognise the fact that many young people make really positive contributions to the school or their community.

Each term students select one student to receive an Achievement Award.
Awards must be spent on school or community based projects and are worth £200.
Nominations for the winner will come from the pupils, and are supported by their teachers.

November 2017 Winner

The monthly winner chooses which of the projects he/she would like to spend the money on. A student may only receive one award during their time at the school.  The winner receives a framed certificate, a Jack Petchey Young Achiever pin badge and £200 to be spent on a school or community project of their choice. All Achievement Award winners are expected to attend the annual Borough Presentation Ceremony to receive their medallions.

For more information about the Jack Petchey Foundation and their activities, please click here.



Pupil/StaffAwarded inAchievementSpending
February 2018This young man has made huge steps and overcome huge anxiety issues to transition into the mainstream for his art lessons. Which means he is now working with a range of peers in a wider setting. Being a keen artist he wanted his award to be spent on art equipment.
April 2018This young man had a difficult start, he lives in care and has been transitioned to several different setting in a relativity short time. This has caused him huge anxiety and worry, despite this he has had 100% attendance and is always full of enthusiasm.As he enjoys all sorts of activities, he asked to get thing to play with, in the playground.
November 2018This young man is a very shy young man, who struggles to find the confidence to communicate with his peers and adults alike. He is a very bright young man who has a lot to add to group work and activities. Over the last few months He has really started trying to engage with others and has overcome a lot, we are now starting to see things like his sense of humour shine though. He wanted things to do in the playground. He likes dates and time so we got equipment he could write on as well as exploration trays.
April 2019This young man started with us in September 2018. He has worked hard and is now traveling independently to and from school. He is having to change buses so is getting on 2 different buses to complete this journey. He wanted to take his classmates to the the London Eye as well as purchase a speaker for the playground in order to have music outside.
June 2019This young man has been nominated because he has started to travel independently to school. This is a huge achievement for him, as due to his open and friendly personality, he is a particularly vulnerable young person.He took his class to Diggerland and also bought refreshments for everyone.
November 2019
This young man has an amazing consistently positive attitude in school towards pupils, peers and staff. He is happy to do any jobs required of him and continues to be a positive role model for younger students and always shows the best side of school life for outside visitors. He decided to purchase a Arden Cheapest Trail Mens 26" Wheel Mountain Bike 21 Speed Small 16" Frame Black & Red and a : Cannon Powershot SX620 Camera bundle.
January 2020
Leader Award
Miss O'Keefe is a dedicated and selfless member of leadership who is enthusiastic, works hard and is beyond supportive. She has been an integral member of staff and has helped the school, the staff, the parents and more importantly the pupils in becoming the best they can be.Miss O'Keefe wanted to support a Key Stage 4 pupil to attend the trip to Trewern.
March 2020This young man settled well into our school since he started in September 2020. He has coped very well with changes to his setting, he continuously works hard, taking responsibility as well as accepting support when needed.He enjoys sports , especially soccer so he decided to invest in football kits.
May 2020This young man is generally a very cheerful young person, who loves to help and be given responsibilities. Since the beginning of this year, he has had quite a hard time and has had to grow up quite quickly. However, despite it all, he has continued to help his friends and peers when they need his support. He continues to show resilience beyond his years and we are so very proud of him.He has chosen to purchase games for wet play such as jigsaws, Connect 4, Guess who? .... He also invested in a new bike for the playground.
October 2020
Leader Award
Mrs Bright is always helpful and willing. She really takes her time to get to know each pupil as an individual and understand their needs. She is always kind and caring for pupils and staff, considering everyone's well-being. Mrs Bright always does a fantastic job at adapting to classes and situations to ensure she can help to the best of her ability. She is always calm and approachable, with a big smile on her face, which we all look forward to seeing every day.
November 2020This young man is one of the most consistent pupils at Riverside Bridge School. He is consistently well-behaved, punctual and polite around the school. He is always happy to try new activities, engage with new people and help his peers whenever he can.He has chosen to purchase football and tennis equipment as they are his favourite sports.
February 2021This young man has had a challenging 12 months. He not only kept smiling through both national lockdowns, having to shield for health reasons. But he also had to undergo an important operation, which limited his movement during his recovery period. Despite these challenges, this young man has continued to be a very cheerful and enthusiastic young man, setting an example to the rest of us.
As he enjoys sports, he has chosen to spend his money on basketball standing hoops and basket balls.
April 2021This young man always goes above and beyond with caring for his peers. He is always willing to help any of them despite his difficulty with mobility. He has chaperoned a fellow pupil up and down the stairs and helps them in class. Even when he is not feeling great, he will join any group and help or lead the group. What a trooper!
He has a passion for vehicles, so he decided to invest his money in purchasing electronic trucks for all pupils to use during their break.
October 2021This young man has managed so well to overcome his anxiety of starting a new school and being able to now emotionally regulate himself. He has become a big part of the school and is always helpful doing 'jobs' around the school. It is also good to see him smiling more and more each day.He decided he would like some more resources for himself and his peers during wet play. After searching on the internet, he chose 2 '3 in 1' multi-game boards and a fold down multi-game table.
March 2022This young lady is one of the most cheerful and well-mannered young ladies at Riverside Bridge School. She is always enthusiastic and loves interacting with peers and adults alike. She decided the school needed more sports equipment.
March 2022
Leader Award
Mrs Martin has been a dedicated member of staff at Riverside Bridge School from the start and she is always there to offer help and support to all pupils and staff.Mrs Martin wanted to support the development of Numeracy across the school and after discussing with SLT thought this would be a great opportunity to invest into Numicon so each class could have their own box of 80 Numicon shapes to support pupils learning mathematical skills.
June 2022This young lady is a bright pupil who strives to reach her full potential in each lesson. But above all she a ray of sunshine; she is always happy, friendly, fun and kind, and a friend to everyone. She has continued to build her peer relationships across the school, always ready to help her peers.She thought pupils at school needed more playground equipment and her younger peers would appreciate more sensory boards.
November 2022This young man has made outstanding progress during his time at Riverside Bridge School. He has been working very hard over the past few years managing his feelings and his behaviours and He wanted to buy more sports equipment for the playground.