__________________________ About Riverside Bridge School


Our Vision and Ethos

Riverside, a Bridge to success for All.

Our vision is to unlock every child’ potential, by increasing social inclusion, addressing mental health and well-being and promoting social and emotional development.
We want ALL our pupils to be able to gain as many life skills and as much independence as possible whilst with us so later on in their life they can thrive in our community and become resilient, respectful and accomplished citizens.


Our Core Values


School Community

Riverside Bridge School is an expanding Special School and the only of its kind in the borough.  We are based on a school campus which is home to Riverside Primary School and Riverside Secondary School alongside ourselves.


At Riverside Bridge School, we support the notion of working together with home and school.  This continuity enables clear stepping stones of improvements both inside and outside of the school environment.   All pupils are issued with a Home/School diary for ease of communication.  However, parents/carers are always encouraged to arrange a face to face meeting or have a telephone call discussion if they have anything they wish to discuss in more detail.  This can be done by using the details on the ‘home’ page.


We have a dynamic and inspirational team of teachers and co-educators, academically well-qualified, hard-working and committed to ensuring that every pupil achieves their very best.  In addition we have a number of other support staff to fulfil the needs of the school, the pupils, our parents/carers and other professionals who play a part in the daily life at Riverside Bridge School.


In September 2016, we moved to the Riverside Campus on Renwick Road. We are fortunate enough to have our own sports facilities, dining hall and food technology room.  Where appropriate, pupils travel to and from these additional rooms which are located in the secondary side of the campus.  Our playground has been purpose built in order to create areas of activities.
In September 2022, we opened our new EYFS section on the Thames Road Site.


The school is equipped with the latest in technology, each classroom has a networked computer, interactive whiteboard and speakers.  Outside the classroom we have an interactive sensory room and an ICT suite for students to develop there ICT skills.


Our P.E. facilities are excellent as we have our own sports hall within the Riverside Campus, along with shared access to the many outdoor multi-use games areas.


In the summer of 2017, the borough appointed Aspens Catering services to provide lunches for the site. Pupils are encouraged to independently choose from a menu daily. Where applicable pupils may also bring a packed lunch.

Academy Sponsor

Riverside Bridge School are proud to be sponsored by Partnership Learning Trust. Please use the link at the top of this website to contact Partnership Learning Trust.