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 ____________________________ Cognition

In the Area of Development – Engagement and Learning, we aim to enable our pupils to develop skills and knowledge to help them make sense of the world around them.

The Stem of Development – Cognition, Mathematical Skills is about exploring, mastering skills in counting and developing an understanding of number. It involves exploring shape and pattern, and measurement through activities which contextualise the skills and knowledge.

Engagement and Learning is about developing a curiosity in the world around us, and offering solutions to problems. It is also functional, aiming to develop skills which will enable greater independence as our learners grow. In order to personalise learning and maximise opportunities for progress, it is not the age of the student that is significant but the stage at which they are currently working. Whilst the learning opportunities will change and progress throughout the school, the principle of delivering at a level appropriate to the student’s level of development is of paramount importance.

To ensure progression of content, it would be expected that the content of the lessons would reflect this difference. For example, sorting coloured teddy bears in Roots classes could be replaced by categorising numbers in Leaf classes. The understanding that Maths is not confined to a Maths lesson on the timetable but is regarded as a subject with many cross curricular opportunities.