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What should I do if my child or someone in the household has symptoms?

Read government guidance to all households

Read government guidance to parents

Year 10 Update 10/06/2020

We have invited select Y10 students to attend small group sessions with teaching staff at scheduled times throughout the week starting from 15th June.


  • Students from 10R1, 10R2 and 10V are invited to attend on Mondays and Tuesdays ONLY from 9:30 -2:30
  • Students from 10I1, 10I2, 10V, 10E and 10S are invited to attend on Wednesdays and Thursdays ONLY from 9:30 -2:30

What do they need to bring?

  • Year 10 students need to attend in full uniform but are asked not to wear blazers.
  • Students need to bring in their own packed lunch and snacks as the school kitchen and 6th form café will not be serving food.
  • Students also need to bring in a large bottle of water which will last the entire day as the water fountains have been taken out of service.
  • Students should bring in their pencil case with equipment.
  • Students do not need to bring in any exercise or textbooks. They will be provided with a new book which will stay in school to avoid cross-contamination.

How are we keeping students and staff safe?

Increased Cleaning

Our usual cleaning team will be operating daily, focusing their cleaning on the limited areas of the school which will be in use

We have contracted two further staff to continue cleaning throughout the working day. They will focus on keeping key areas such as student desks and door handles clean


Increased Hand Washing

We have installed sanitiser gel at all key entrance points to the building

We have installed an outdoor hand washing area for students and will be enforcing compulsory hand washing before entering the school building

Each classroom is equipped with hand sanitiser gel and students will be required to clean their hands whenever entering or leaving a classroom


Social Distancing

All class sizes have been significantly decreased to 16 or less

Classrooms have been re-arranged to ensure the distance between students when seated is at least 2m

All movement around the building will be supervised and students will be asked to maintain a 2m gap with others


Other Measures

All corridor and classroom doors are being left open to increase natural ventilation and to reduce the need to touch door handles

The hand dryers have been disabled and paper towels will instead be used for hand drying

The water fountains have been disabled and students will be expected to bring in a bottle with all the water they need for the school day

Students will not participate in practical activities such as PE which often require close contact and the sharing of equipment



Week commencing 15/06/2020

There are now 3 different timetables for year 10 students depending on whether they are attending school and in R/V form, attending school and in an I/E/S form, or continuing to work from home full time.

Home learners only:



Students in 10R1, 10R2, and 10V attending school:

Students in 10I1, 10I2, 10E and 10S attending school:


1.     I am going into school for small group face to face sessions, do I still need to do the work sent via email?

Only work for your option subjects, you do not need to complete the work for the subjects you have face to face sessions for in school. However, your teacher from you face to face session in school will give you homework to complete so everyone is doing the same amount of work. 

2.     I am going into school, do I need to attend the Live Microsoft Teams lessons?

Yes, you are not doing your options when you are in school so it must be done online. 

3.     I am going into school, do I need to do the weekly tests still?

Yes, all students in year 10 will complete the weekly tests on a Friday. That way it is fair – all students have done the same amount of work and all have done the tests.



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