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Message from Transport

Following the governments guidance, we must put in place measures to ensure everyone is kept safe and well.
We must make decisions that we think will keep the service running in the safest way possible. Therefore, we have put together some guidance that we will adhere to in the event of someone testing positive on the school bus. Please note that this will be regularly reviewed and is subject to change in response to government guidance.
  • If someone tests positive on the school bus the bus will not run until we have negative PCR tests from our crews, this may take 48 hours.
  • The bus will not be in service until it has been deep cleaned this will be done in the 48 hours while we wait for the PCR results from the crew.
  • We would prefer that all parents carry out PCR tests on the children that have accessed the bus in the time that the positive case was found on the vehicle.
  • If the positive case is found to be in school times, then that bus will not run in the afternoon and the parent will have to collect their child from school.
  • If the case is found after school time, then it will not run the following morning.
  • We will contact you via email so please ensure your details are up to date with the transport office so we can contact you easily, if you think we do not have the correct email address then please send it to request@lbbd.gov.uk and we will update our database.
Whist we appreciate this can be difficult for all parents/carers we need to ensure everyone is kept safe and we feel this is the best way forward.
May we please remind you that a face covering is required when dropping/collecting your child from the school bus, and you will not be allowed to access the bus for any reason.
If you have any queries, please contact us on transport.request@lbbd.gov.uk


Thank you for your patience.
Transport Commissioning Team


Transport Letter – 3rd of December 2021